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Rochester Series

Rochester Civic Theatre Live

Exploring the dynamics of performance collaborations
The art of theatre encompasses and must embrace all art forms.
Indeed, it is only through the willful participation of artists representing varied disciplines, within honestly collaborative forums, which include performance opportunities, that the ancient and sacred relationship between performers and audience can maintain vitality in the modern world.

RCT LIVE collaborations create opportunities for local writers, dancers, musicians, poets, performance and conceptual artists of all ages and skill levels to collaborate with the Rochester Civic Theatre’s staff of theatre professionals, while also providing unique audience experiences for our community.

Many of these collaborations will serve as building blocks for greater community involvement by both artists and audience. Examples of this include a current collaboration between songwriters, a photographer, a poet and Rochester Civic Theatre staff, intended to result in a multilayer performance piece that will humanize and illuminate the experience of living with Alzheimer’s, our work with adults with disabilities and a multidisciplinary custom designed performance series we are creating in partnership with the Rochester Diversity counsel.

Our ongoing collaborations with Brandon Sampson and the American Music Series is exciting not only because of the quality of the intimate public performances on the RCT stage (once again, shaped through collaboration), but also because it provides direct access to the Americana music tradition and contemporary performing artists. The importance of this, to our work as an American community theater, is clear when one remembers that the modern musical is an American creation. Therefore, as a theatre serving a community that loves musicals, we are thrilled to be actively working toward the development of original musical productions, rooted in this tradition.
Thank you very much for your participation as audience members, for you too are key collaborators in this important work.

Artists interested in Americana Showcase participation and performance opportunities are encouraged to contact Publicist Heather Ritenour of Durgamama at