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The Americana Showcase celebrates the rich musical heritage of the American Midwest by connecting artists with music lovers of all ages. This community gathering creates a vibrant conversation between artists and listeners alike in a unique and intimate environment.

Often times, musicians perform in bars or other venues where their music is considered “background noise.” The Americana Showcase offers an opportunity for artists to be heard and appreciated. Through the songwriter-in-the-round format, musicians benefit by performing together and sharing personal experiences, fostering new opportunities for collaboration and musical direction.

Listeners at an Americana Showcase benefit by witnessing an organic artistic process as it takes shape. During the performance, audience members have the opportunity to listen to great music, connect with artists, experience the joy of community, and leave feeling inspired by the power of song.

Currently, The Americana Showcase is organized as a series of monthly events hosted by Six Mile Grove front man Brandon Sampson. Distinct in flavor, each show exposes music lovers to a diverse variety of performers and styles. Originally conceived to introduce Southeastern Minnesota audiences to the Americana genre, the Showcase has expanded beyond its Rochester roots, sharing the power of song with friends as far as Nebraska and South Dakota, along with various places in greater Minnesota.